Regulations for participation in IBO Summit 2023


The following terms used in these Regulations shall be understood:

IBO Summit 2023 Organizer: Event Partners Tomasz Korycki, 30 Międzyrzecze Street, 03-043 Warszaw, Poland VAT No: 524-210-72-47, REGON No: 017465361

Event: IBO Summit 2023, which will take place on 3-6 July 2023 at the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures in Lublin

Participant: a person who purchased participation in the Event is a special guest of the Organizer, sponsor, partner or media partner

Sponsor: Participant with the right to use a specific  (in a separate order/order) area of the facility, space for the promotion of their graphic materials (including logos) and/or lecture time for their own information or marketing purposes.


a. These regulations (Regulations) define the conditions of participation in the event (Event).

If the conditions of participation are also specified in other documents, e.g. in the description Event, facility regulations, application form or order of services related to Event, the Regulations will supplement these documents and will be applicable to the scope not regulated therein. Since participation in the Event and related services are payable, the above-mentioned documents describe the conditions for the performance and settlement of mutual benefits.

c. In case of doubt, acceptance of these Regulations is also expressed through participation in the Event itself or payment of fee for participation in the event or services related to it.

d. If nothing else results from the Regulations, it binds all participants of the Event, i.e. persons who register for the Event, including on behalf of someone else or as representatives of an institution or company or who actually participate in the Event, partners, sponsors, moderators, speakers or their representatives (Participant).

e. The Participant may only be an adult, unless the Organizer grants individual consent to participate also to other persons.


a. The condition for participation in the Event is the registration of a given person via the Organizer's online registration system in accordance with the rules listed in the Registration Regulations.

b. The Organizer specifies in the application form the requirements and data of the Participant necessary to register for the Event, if justified by the nature of the Event, all restrictions related to the venue, the organizer may refuse to register or make the registration of a given person dependent on additional verification, additional consent to the use of data or from the specific registration deadline.

c. When registering on behalf of another person and entering someone else's data, the person entering this data guarantees that he has obtained the appropriate authorization to register or make statements required for registration, and is responsible for any consequences of entering data contrary to such authorization. In the case of registration for more than one person, the person registering should make separate applications for each of them (with a separate e-mail address for each person registered for the Event).

d. For certain types of participants, e.g. journalists, sponsors, speakers, special guests, the Organizer may provide for special rules for registration or access to facilities, in particular consisting in their registration by the Organizer themselves or in the use of additional identifiers confirming the right to given services (e.g. photography). In the case of registration of the Participant by the Organizer, it will be made on the basis of data provided by the Participant, his representative or publicly available data.

e. Information related to participation in the Event or ordering additional services related to it will be sent to the Participant's e-mail address. Information sent to such an address shall be deemed delivered to the Participant who has been registered using the address. Changing the address requires an e-mail notification to the Organizer.

f. The Participant's data collected during registration and in connection with participation in the Event will be processed in accordance with the Organizer's Privacy Policy.  Each Participant should read the Privacy Policy available on the website.

g. The participant’s personal data are controlled by The Polish Blueberry Promotion Foundation, ul. Jadowska 4, 03-761 Warszawa, VAT No 1132945608, entered into the National Court Register under the number 0000684902


a. Unless the terms and conditions of participation in a given Event state otherwise, the Organizer provides the participant with access to the appropriate parts of the facility in which the Event takes place and the form of participation and contact with others appropriate to the nature of the Event; participants, in exchange for public participation in the Event and enabling contact with each other, the Organizer and other Participants.

b. Due to the need to ensure safety, comfort and possibilities verification of Participants' entitlements, the Organizer identifies them using personal identifiers. The Organizer reserves the right to control and verify the identity of the Participant and his rights to enter the facility or additional  services related to the Event, e.g. in the form of a request to show an identifier. If the Participant has not provided all the required data as part of registration, refuses to show the identifier or doubts arise as to the compliance of his data with the data on the ID presented, the Organizer reserves the right to control and verify the identity in another available way, e.g. by requiring the Participant to show a valid document the Event.

c. The course of the Event will be recorded photographically and with the use of audio/video devices, including it may be transmitted by other means enabling public sharing in such a way that everyone can have access to it at a place and time chosen by them (e.g. on the Internet). Participation in the Event is public, and therefore the image of the Participant included individually or as part of a larger whole may be intentional or accidental documented photographically, audibly or filmed, and materials obtained in this way the manner may be made public by the Organizer and media representatives in information and promotional purposes related to the Event, other Events and activities of the Organizer, sponsors and partners of the Event (including through the internet, email, social media and in the printed press). Notwithstanding the above, the course of the Event may also be monitored by security for security reasons.

d. The Organizer assumes that the Participant taking part in the Event accepts the possibility of the    above-mentioned recording and use of their image as a participant of the Event. If, for any reason, the Participant does not accept a specific use of his/her image as above, he/she shall notify the Organizer, who shall then be obliged to immediately suspend the use or base the use on a legalizing basis other than consent.

e. If in connection with registration for the Event, participation or use of services related to the Event, the Participant will provide the Organizer with any materials, e.g. physical objects, biographies, photographs, graphics or recordings for use, or making available in connection with a given participation, such transfer will constitute authorization of the Organizer and sponsors and partners of the Event - to use them in accordance with the established purpose, including as part of services informing about. The Participant guarantees that the Event is recorded or monitored by the above The use of these materials will not violate any rights of third parties.


a. Participants may move around the premises only within the framework of public and marked spaces and communication routes, in accordance with instructions of the Organizer and the facility manager.

b. Event Participants should participate in the Event openly and in person, in particular they may not assign rights or part of the rights related to registration or services in as part of the Event to other persons or transfer the identifier to other persons. The assignment of rights to other entities will be possible only for random reasons beyond the control of the participant, after the acceptance of the Organizer.

c. Subject to the special conditions applicable to the separate parts facilities in which the Event takes place or individual consent of the organizer, in the area of the facilities are forbidden to: smoking, using electronic  cigarettes, blocking communication and evacuation routes, using open fire and gas cylinders, using makeshift electrical installation, bringing chemical substances into the exhibition area, blocking access and access to fire protection devices and escape passages. The conditions and location of places where smoking or other of the above behaviors may be allowed is decided solely by the Organizer.

d. It is forbidden to bring weapons, materials to the facilities where the Event takes place pyrotechnics and other hazardous materials, including those that may lead to fire, destruction of property or damage to the health of the participant or others persons. In justified cases, bringing the above-mentioned devices or materials to the facilities will be possible with a special permission of the Organizer and the facility manager and provided that their use is ensured by persons with appropriate authorizations and security. Except for cases expressly permitted by the Organizer, it is forbidden to move or take out of the facilities or places designated by the Organizer, any equipment or equipment related to the course of a given Event.

e. The organizer is not responsible for the protection of persons and property, and therefore for accidents of persons, theft or damage to property on the premises of the facilities in which it takes place   the Event, unless the damage related to it was the fault of the Organizer only or the Organizer undertook to provide specific safeguards.

f. The Organizer is entitled to refuse entry to the facility where the Event takes place or to remove from the facility a person in an intoxicated state or under the influence of other intoxicants, persons who have a third party identifier, refuse to show an identifier or other identity document, as well as any person whose behavior is associated with aggression, violation of the rules of social coexistence, risk to personal rights, property, health, public order or morality. In the above cases, the Organizer is entitled to report the case to the security services or law enforcement authorities. The Organizer is not responsible for damages of participants resulting from the refusal to allow or remove a given person from the facility in which the Event takes place; nor are they obliged in such a case to reimburse the fees paid in connection with such participation.


a. The right to participate in the Event as a Sponsor and the reservation of appropriate  space is acquired on the basis of the appropriate order/order for services related to the Event. To the extent not regulated in such an order/order, or The terms and conditions of the exhibitor's participation in the Event are also specified in the regulations of the facility, in which takes place the Event and Polish Civil Law regulations.

b. The location of the exhibition space is decided by the Organizer. Brands, materials advertising, objects and how they are displayed within time or space exhibition require the Organizer's approval in terms of their compliance with the nature of the Event, the terms of lease of facilities and accepted standards aesthetic and technical. For the legality of their display, in particular provisions on advertising or unfair competition, is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor.

c. In the case of individual development going beyond the rules described in the individual order  between the Organizer and the Exhibitor, the  Exhibitor adapts the space in an aesthetic and complete manner, in accordance with the nature of the Event and the properties of the facility. In the event of any deficiencies in this respect, the Organizer is entitled to appropriate changes at the expense and risk of the exhibitor. Terms and scope the provision of utilities for a given surface requires separate arrangements with Organizer.

d. Making exhibition space available (sublease) to other entities requires the consent of the Organizer.

e. The Exhibitor undertakes to perform the necessary assembly, adaptation and disassembly within the time frame set by the Organizer and the manager of the facilities in which the Event will take place, but not exceeding the period agreed in the order for services related to the Event. In particular, the assemblies and adaptations must not interfere with the preparations of the Organizer or other participants and must be completed before the start of the Event, and dismantling must take place by the end of the last day of the given participation in the Event. Throughout the period agreed in the order, exposures intended for exhibition areas must be accessible to others participants of the Event as intended.

f. The Exhibitor is obliged to return the exhibition space to the Organizer in the state in which it was made available to him, emptied of all impurities, and items, with the equipment that was issued to him. The exhibitor responds to the principle of risk for damage and other damages related to the use of the surface and equipment. The organizer is authorized to remove pollution, items and damage at the expense and risk of the exhibitor.


a. The organizer reserves the right to cancel, shorten, change the date or schedule/agenda of the Event in the event of force majeure preventing the organization of the Event or in the  event of a threat to the life or health of participants. In the above cases, the Organizer shall not be liable for any damage to participants resulting from the cancellation or change of dates of the Event, including costs related to transport or hotel reservations; is also not obliged in such a case to refund already paid fees/fees for booking packages, seats or other benefits, including to the extent that they cover the costs already incurred by the Organizer.

b. Any complaints related to the exercise of the Participants' rights related to participation in the Event may be reported to the Organizer in writing to the following address: Event Partners Tomasz Korycki Międzyrzecze 30, PL03-043 Warsaw, Poland or via e-mail  to the address, no later than within 3 days from the end of the Event, but no later than 3 days from the occurrence of the circumstances giving rise to the complaint.  The organizer reserves 10 business days to consider the complaint.

c. Any changes to the Regulations will be announced in the form in which they were originally made available to the participants.

Version 23.01.2023